Kasandra Smith for Congress


About Kasandra Smith

Kasandra Smith, born in West Memphis, Arkansas, is the second of five children. Through her parents’ love and support with emphasis on family, helping others, work ethics, and education, she was imparted strong morals and methods to achieve goals. She was taught to remain loyal and dedicated through all tasks. She is now the mother of two adult children of her own and a grandmother of three.

In 2000, Kasandra moved to Memphis, Tennessee and began her career with the Memphis Police Department as a Police Service Technician (PST). In 2001, Kasandra became a law enforcement officer with the Memphis Police Department, where she dedicated her life to change, protect, serve, empower, and save lives. While on the job, she earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Management and a Master of Business Administration through Bethel University.

Through her work at the Memphis Police Department, Kasandra has had the opportunity to work in units across the board including Uniform Patrol Division, Organized Crime Unit, the Vice Unit, the Criminal Apprehension Team, the Drug Unit, Officer in School, Crisis Intervention Team, Special Victims Unit (Sex Crimes), Community Outreach Program Unit. Promoted to sergeant in 2021 and was assigned to Homicide Bureau. 2024, Kasandra Smith promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant assigned to Airways Station, and currently assigned to CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Because of this, Kasandra has extensive knowledge and experience of the many issues that need to be addressed in our community.

Due to life changing experiences, Kasandra is a motivated advocate against domestic and sexual violence. In order to bring awareness and advocacy to this issue, she has created and assisted in several public events including the Annual Shine the Light on Domestic Violence rally, the Memphis Support Project Unbreakable, and the Annual Race Against Sexual Violence 5K. In 2012, she became a member of the speaker bureau with RAINN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network) where she shared her story. In an effort to reduce domestic, and sexual violence in Shelby County, she became the 2013 Vice President and 2015 President of the Memphis/Shelby County Domestic and Sexual Violence Council.

Through her position on this council, she has continued to advocate and work for the people of Shelby County, assisting in creating such events as Treasure of the Heart, a Mother’s Day event. She continued to serve by attending the Senator Tommy Burks Victim Assistance Academy at University of Tennessee, Chattanooga where she completed a week-long training in June 2017. Kasandra is a member of the Shelby County Democratic Women and the former chair over the Legislative Committee for Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women.

Kasandra Smith worked in the Community Outreach Program Unit (COP) in which she implemented a Youth Crime Watch program in Douglas High School in Memphis, Tennessee. She assists with organizing the annual Youth Crime Watch Conference in which over nine hundred students from within the Shelby County School district attended in October 2017. Kasandra Smith and Clayton Turner created Memphis Girls Rock where over 1,300 girls from Shelby County Schools and Charter Schools attended the conference. Moreover, she is a motivational speaker for K-12 students concerning various topics, such as bullying, conflict resolution, respecting authority, self-respect, financial literacy, sexual violence, dream killer, hiding behind the mask and domestic violence. Most importantly, she remains committed to enforcing laws while servicing, protecting, and engaging with communities to save lives and bridge the gap between communities and law enforcement officers.

Kasandra created a wooden fence panel called parents graffiti where she took a quote from each parent who lost their child to gun violence and placed it on the fence. Kasandra created a parent challenge video for parents called “You Don’t Know Me, You Don’t Know My Pain.” This video explains how parents do not spend time with their children and do not know them.

Kasandra has been awarded many achievements throughout her career. These include:
• 2008: Dr. Gilliland Award for demonstrating a passion to help mental health consumers.
• 2013: Officer of the Month Award from NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) in recognition of significant leadership and outstanding contributions to the citizens of Memphis.
• 2014: S.I.S Award (Suffering in Silent) from the nonprofit Walking Into A New Life, Inc.
• 2016: Investigator of the Year Investigative Services, Special Victim Unit
• 2017: Officer of the Month award for Crime Prevention Unit, Community Outreach Program Unit.
• 2017: Officer of the Year Crime Prevention Unit, Community Outreach Program Unit.
• 2017: Officer of the Year award from the Frayser Exchange Club Foundation for providing outstanding services to the Frayser community.
• 2022 Investigator of the month Investigative Services, Homicide Bureau.

Kasandra’s three priority areas of concern are crime, education, and infrastructure. Crime is a prevalent issue creating fear and suffering as well as barriers to socioeconomic growth. There is a vital need to enact crime reducing strategies that not only strengthen people and communities but also promote resiliency. Education plays a critical role in the success of society and is a conduit to help reduce poverty, improve health, and reduce crime. Lastly, there is a need to create effective ways to reconcile infrastructure development, as it has a direct impact on individual’s well-being, livelihoods, and ability to thrive in society. Kasandra profoundly recognizes that with improvements of these factors, Shelby County 9th District will be able to move towards a future everyone can look forward to.

Kasandra’s platform is H.E.L.P.
This stands for:
Life and Livelihood
Peace, and Protection